Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Ignite 2019 - TMS40 - Managing Microsoft Teams effectively

Presented by: Anne Michels

Session summary:
With simple and granular management capabilities, Microsoft Teams empowers Contoso administrators with the controls they need to provide the best experience possible to users while protecting company data and meeting business requirements. Join us to learn more about the latest security and administration capabilities of Microsoft Teams.

My notes:

This session is for IT administrators to understand Teams in the areas of
  • Architecture
  • Security and compliance
  • Manageability

A "team" is an Office 365 Group and a SharePoint Team site. The Teams client will be a part of Office 365 pro-plus and will be part of the Semi-annual channel.

Each private channel will have its own SharePoint site collection, and the number of site collections in a tenant is raised to two million.

Information barriers in Microsoft Teams are available for chats and channels and are soon coming to files and SharePoint.

A demo of how create a Data Loss Prevention Policy and how it looks like when it is activated in the client.

Office 365 ATP Safe Links are soon coming to Teams.

Teams can be managed by
  • Microsoft Teams Admin Center
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Center
  • Microsoft 365 Security Center
  • Azure Active Directory Admin Center
  • PowerShell

Advisor for Teams is part of the Teams admin center that will help you in a roll out of Microsoft Teams. It configures a Team for the deployment, provides plans and step-by-step guidance as planner tasks included in the Team.

The difference between settings and policies are that settings applies to the tenant, while policies can be applied on a per-user basis.

Management of Teams Rooms Devices is coming to the admin portal and a demo with scheduled restarts of devices and download of logs was shown. Usage analytics is now available both in the Microsoft Teams admin center and in the Teams client itself.

Security and Compliance in Teams are growing

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