Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lync Cumulative Updates January 2011

I installed the updates for Lync found here:

Lync Server 2010 Hotfix KB 2493736
Lync 2010 Hotfix KB 2467763 (64 bit)
Lync 2010 Hotfix KB 2467763 (32 bit)

There were no ServerUpdateInstaller.exe
so the 4 server packages had to be installed one-by-one.
The new version after the update is 4.0.7577.108.
The update was very quick and everything started up and worked well after a reboot.

My Lync Client changed

and so did my Topology builder

but the Lync Control Panel stayed at 4.0.7577.0

First posting

Well it is year 2011 and it seems as even I need a blog. This is not my first blog post however. My friends Tommy and Martin let me post some stuff on their blogs before:

This will not be the most active blog, but every now and then I will post something in the area of Unified communications, Lync, Telephony or whatever interests me for the moment.

Best Regards
Mattias Kressmark