Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Profiles For Lync 2013 - Swedish edition

Swedish version of P4L

With Profiles for Lync you can preconfigure and store up to 40 Lync sites and credentials. Then with a click on a button logout and log back in to Lync with another set of credentials, and even into another system, including Lync Online.

I have been reporting about this great tool before here on the blog.

What is now new, is that you can download the tool with support for the following languages: Danish, American English, Parisian French, Italian, Bokmål Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish. I got the chance to help out with the Swedish translation of the tool, quite interesting since a lot of the lingo in this business will be more of Swenglish than proper Swedish.

The tool will simply follow the language setting of your regional settings in the Windows control panel and display in the language of choice.

Download the tool from the Office gallery here.

Translated by yours truly