Monday, November 21, 2011

Lync CU4 - one step closer to mobile integration

Lync Server 2010 Hotfix KB 2493736, aka Lync CU4 is now available for download.
It contains quite a few new commands - aimed at configuring mobile clients.
Now we are just missing the clients, minor detail... :-)

A list of the new commands:


More details here...

Friday, November 18, 2011

More telephony plugins for Lync?

While I am not a big fan of plugins in the Lync client it seems as more and more traditional voice providers  develop such plugins. To be a bit cynical, I believe that these organizations are trying to "help" their customers to avoid the costly Lync voice licenses (Lync Plus CAL) and instead get voice and such licenses from them. It could be a valid reason for an organization sitting with an existing voice platform wanting to wait before going all-in into Lync or wanting to save a few $.

When it comes to functionality these plugin solutions always becomes a bit messy.
Seriously, would you like to install a little plugin phone into an existing deskphone so that you could... call? or what about a Rebtel plugin into Skype?

Anyhow, here is some new stuff from Avaya:
Avaya Agile Communication Environment (ACE) version 3.0 for Microsoft Lync
that will be out soon, and here is a new blog from VOX covering a lot of Avaya stuff.

It will be interesting to see how popular this Avaya plugin product might become further on.

So far, I only had some experiences with Cisco's Cuci-Moc and Cuci-Lync plugin products, and I do agree with the opinions of Luis Ramos and Justin Morris.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tools for Lyncfederation

Now there are some tools available on the WWW to find more buddies to federate with.

On a personal level anyone could use:
The WCF (who can federate) Tool will scan through your Outlook contacts and give you a "heads up" on which have public Microsoft Lync or OCS federation enabled. This is a great tool to run for people who do or don't have Microsoft Lync to show them who they could connect with in their own contact list.

A system administrator setting up federation could use:
The Get-LyncDNSSRVRecords.ps1 script that takes a CSV list of domains and checks them for and records and writes the results to a text file.

And as usual you can always check the Swedish Lync Federation List