Sunday, November 10, 2019

Ignite 2019 - BRK3040 - Optimal network connectivity for Office 365 performance: What is it and how to get there

Presented by: Konstantin Ryvkin

Session summary:
Optimal network connectivity is critical for great user experience in Office 365. Is your company on the path of changing its network for the cloud? Are you wondering if your network has minimal possible latency to Office 365 for your users and will remain future proof as the cloud continues to evolve? Then this session is for you. Hear directly from the Office 365 product group about principles of optimal connectivity for SaaS, review reference architecture for networking, and learn how various industry network solutions integrate with Office 365. You’ll leave with an understanding of optimizations as well as common pitfalls that stand between your users and delightful productivity cloud experiences!

My Notes:

Networking in the cloud is challenging for many organizations.

The type of the workload you want to consume is deciding the optimal way to connect.

SaaS disrupts traditional connectivity models

Slow is the new broken - help your users coming closer to Office 365

The Microsoft Global Network (AS8075) and Office 365 is constantly evolving to get closer to your users.

Zero trust - trust is earned, not given, trusted applications put less requirements on the network. Security control must be done at the Application, Identity, Device and Data levels.

Microsoft Teams have a media stack that is changing with network conditions, this gives better media but is not suitable for network inspection.

Please use the Office 365 REST API to open up for Office 365 - - use a device that supports this API.

Office 365 will add front doors depending on the number of users accessing Office 365 in a certain location. Exchange Online will also move a mailbox as close as possible to where the user is located, but not over compliance borders. Use local breakouts as much as possible.

Deeper integration between network devices and application is coming. In the future the Office 365 applications will be able to send an "experience signal" to the networking equipment making it, for example, switch ISPs. This will start with Cisco SD-WAN.

Experience signals - more than a ping

Network Insights are coming to the Office 365 Portal, to show that connectivity, detect issues and make recommendations - even compare your performance to others in the same area.

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This session was even better than last years! Ignite 2018 - BRK3000 - Strategies for building effective, optimal and future proof connectivity to Office 365 that will delight your users

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