Monday, November 11, 2019

Ignite 2019 - BRK1069 - Empower your Firstline workforce with Microsoft Teams

Presented by: Keara James and Scott Morrison

Session summary:
From streamlining shift management to customizing the Teams experience, Microsoft Teams can help your Firstline Workers be more productive. Find out what's new in Teams for your Firstline workforce.

My Notes:

Firstline workers should be connected and empowered.

Microsoft Teams - the (mobile) hub for teamwork

Off-shift access is a new setting that can be enabled by administrators to provide a notification to Firstline Workers when they access the Teams app on their personal device outside of their payable hours.

Delegated User Management allows Firstline managers to manage user credentials (phone number) via the My Staff portal.

SMS Sign-in will allow a Firstline Worker to sign-in with only the phone number and a one-time passcode received via SMS.

Global sign-out will sign out from Teams and any other LOB application the Firstline Worker might be signed in to.

A long good demo using only a mobile phone was shown illustrating many functions in Teams and how to customize the experience for the Firstline Workers. Pinning apps, voice messages, content camera, read receipts, urgent messages and were all in the demo from the cell phone. Shifts can be updated via Graph API from workforce management software such as Chronos, JDE or similar. Next, the shifts managers (store managers / department mangers) view were demoed.

There are 8 sessions on Firstline Workers at Ignite 2019.

The presentation ended with a video showing how Alcoa is using the Firstline Workers features in Teams.


When is recurring Shifts coming?
It is being worked on, meanwhile the copy shifts function can be used.

How about recurring Tasks?
Flow can be used for this, building into the platform is on the roadmap.

How can Regional managers view tasks?
It is on the roadmap.

What are user tags?
Several users can get the same tag by an administrator and can be @-mentioned, or a chat can be started with all users sharing the same tag.

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