Thursday, November 7, 2019

Ignite 2019 - BRK3215 - Microsoft Teams architecture update

Presented by: Bill Bliss

Session summary:
Join us for a deep dive into the architecture of the Teams clients and the microservices it talks to: who does what, how and where data is stored, and how it's kept secure and compliant. Learn about our investments to improve performance, reduce memory use and network bandwidth, deliver rich new "One Microsoft" features, and how we're re-writing our clients on a new platform while still releasing every week. Learn how Teams will support VDI, and about the latest enhancements to the scalable microservices that power Teams.

My Notes:

Started with a run-through of the main architecture, client architecture, micro-services (middle-tier, intelligent communications cloud (formerly known as Skype services), Teams as a part of Office 365, Azure Services and data residency.

Data at rest in Teams is stored in the region where the tenant is provisioned.
Work on the search feature in Teams is ongoing.
Graph API is logically just an additional Teams client.

Message handling was discussed in detail.

Where everything is stored was discussed in detail.

Since Exchange can be Online or on-premises a Calendar middle tier is used.

The presentation continued with Presence Interop, Meeting recording realized by a recorder bot, Calling.

Teams on VDI (vmware / citrix)
WebRTC is used to "remote" audio and video in a VDI environment.
The VDI client is installed using msiexec:
msiexec /i Teams_windows_x64.msi /l*v msi_install_x64.log ALLUSER=1
Not all features are supported in VDI scenarios (App sharing, background blur, QoS metrics)

Mirroring is used for A/V in VDI

Finally came Compliance and Information Protection


Some QnA followed
  • Changing the name of a Team will break some things.
  • Teams contacts are stored in Exchange the same way as Outlook contacts.
  • Multiple Tenants capabilities?
  • Single sign on for tabs is coming in preview soon, and for bots are coming later.
  • The Teams client is a memory hog - this is being worked on.
  • How are vulnerabilities handled in the low-level open source components the client is using? They will be fixed in a coming release (Teams is released every week.)
  • When an Email is sent into a channel Teams writes to SharePoint and not to the Group mailbox due to extracting of attachments.
  • Rich text in federation scenarios is currently rolling out.
  • Can we block users from recording a meeting? No.

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