Thursday, November 7, 2019

Ignite 2019 - THR2078 - Embrace your Microsoft Teams champions and arm them with these five power tools

Presented by: Mårten Hellebro

Session summary:
Come on, let’s find your Teams champions, embrace them and give them what they need so they can level-up and help you deliver a successful Teams implementation project with high adoption and happy users. So, how do you find the right users and what exactly do they need? In this session, MVP Marten Hellebro shares his real-world experiences working with Teams champions. Come to this session and get your Teams toolbox filled.

My Notes:

700 people signed up to this session - not all of the showed up.

User adoption is key to a successful Teams rollout. There is a difference between early adopters and ambassadors, ambassadors want to share knowledge with others. An ambassador can become a champion. A champion can be recruited by simply asking for candidates or look in the usage reports in the Teams admin center and you will find who is using Teams the most. Do not use IT people!

Five tools to give to your Champions

  1. Keep your champions in the loop (involved = motivated)
  2. Special training
    Coffe in the cloud
    Teams Adoption Flipbook -
    Microsoft 365 Learning pathways
    End User Training -
    IT Pro Training - Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist
    IT Pro Training - Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams
  3. Numbers talk - track the usage of Teams and inform the Champions.
  4. Well equipped - give your Champions the right devices and let them test different types of devices.
  5. Swag - free promotional items / stylish confidence
    (I think this was when Mårten danced a bit and showed examples of swag - it was not recorded - someone please send me a recording!)

Give shameless recognition to your Teams Champions! 

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