Friday, November 15, 2019

Ignite 2019 - THR1094 - Learn how to use Shifts in Microsoft Teams

Presented by: Keara James

Session summary:
Discover how to create and manage shift schedules and learn about the latest mobile features in Teams.

My Notes:

Firstline worker - anyone who clocks in and clocks out, for example a nurse, teacher, construction worker, police officer.

A schedule can be created in the GUI or by uploading an excel file, a schedule can be created first and when done shared with the team. Schedules can be exported to excel or as a pdf for easy printing. Team members can easily swap shifts with each other. Schedules can be populated from Chronos or JDE.

With an F1 license you see the Shifts app in the mobile Teams client. A user can be part of multiple Teams / multiple schedules. Employees clock in and out and take breaks, and they can request time off using the mobile client

The mobile Shifts experience

Off-shift access can be enabled by administrators to provide a notification to Firstline Workers when they access the Teams app on their personal device outside of their payable hours. When the user acknowledges this message they can still access the mobile Teams app.

Delegated User Management allows Firstline managers to manage user credentials (phone numbers) via the My Staff portal.

SMS Sign-in will allow a Firstline Worker to sign-in with only the phone number and a one-time passcode received via SMS.

Global sign-out will sign out from Teams and any other LOB application the Firstline Worker might be signed in to.


What do we need to start using Shifts?
The Teams app installed on the mobile phone, and an F1, E3 or E5 license.

Is the Outlook calendar integrated with Shifts?
No, but the product group is considering this.

What is the maximum number of users in Shifts?
Same limits as for Microsoft Teams.

Is it possible to clock in and out with the desktop app?
No, but the product group is considering this.

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