Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ignite 2019 - THR2049 - How to drive successful Microsoft Teams adoption in five steps

Presented by: Adam Deltinger from Stratiteq Sweden AB

Session summary:
Learn how to get better user adoption for Microsoft Teams within your organization in five easy to understand steps! This theater session is intended for IT managers as well as any stakeholder or user champion. Gain a better understanding of how you can perform a successful rollout of Microsoft Teams in your organization.

My Notes:

A session about end user adoption. Introducing a new application without explaining what's in it for the users is not a good idea and can even cause "Shadow IT" apps to be used instead.

Five (+1) steps in 20 minutes? Adoption is not easy, in reality it will take much more time.
  1. Collect important information - find adoption stakeholders and set up workshops, make a plan
  2. Conduct a Pilot - try quick wins, get feedback and adjust, collect common questions
  3. Communication - inform users before, during and after a deployment, use material from Microsoft
  4. Champions Program - let your champions join the Microsoft Champions Program, follow up with them.
  5. Individual workshops - go Team by Team help them get started
  6. Measure usage - Teams usage reports

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