Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Ignite 2019 - BRK3261 - Learn about new, innovative and intelligent devices for Microsoft Teams

Presented by: Sandhya Rao (personal devices) and Greg Baribault (shared room devices)

Session summary:
Learn what’s new with Microsoft Teams Devices that will bring the modern workplace experiences to life across all spaces and conference rooms in your organization.

My Notes:

There is a certified devices program where devices are tested to work well with Teams, please use these devices.

New Teams-certified Speaker phones with a "Teams button" which indicates missed calls, and quick meeting join.

  • Poly - Calisto 3200
  • Jabra - Speak 750
  • Sennheiser - Expand SP 30T
  • Yealink - CP700 / CP900

Last year there were 20 million desk phones sold globally, and this number is growing.

Hotdesking is a new feature to be used with the Teams desk phones. The phone is logged in, but a user can come and login on the phone with his credentials, use it for a while, and at logoff the phone will revert to the original number. It will be possible to dial 911 straight from the lock screen (how about 112?)

New Collaboration Bars hardware are coming from Poly and Yealink in early 2020. The Collaboration Bar will contain a camera, speaker and compute so no additional computer needed to run a meeting.

Console / compute systems are available from Crestron, HP, Lenovo which have the audio built in the console, and Logitech, Yealink which have the compute section separate, so it could be hidden under the table for example. Crestron and Logitech also have content cameras (white board cameras) available.

With Proximity based meetings you simply walk into the room with a meeting running on your device - mobile phone or tablet or PC - and the room will be added to the meeting automatically and your device will be muted and silent to avoid howling.

Whiteboard and Content capture camera, makes it easier to whiteboard and include remote users. The front of room displays can be configured with custom images and branding on the console itself will soon be available.

Direct guest join for third party meetings will allow a MTR to connect to Zoom and/or Webex meetings using WebRTC. A demo of joining a Webex meeting with video was shown. Cisco and Zoom devices will be able to join Teams meetings as well.

Management of MTRs is coming to the Teams Admin portal showing the usage and health of the rooms.

A "Managed meeting rooms" service will be offered from Microsoft for $50 per month per room, see the "Managed Meeting Rooms Service Overview" session for more information.

A closer integration between Surface Hub and Teams Rooms is being worked on. These two devices will be aware of each other and cooperate when they are in the same room. They will also join the meeting together by inviting each other.


Is the MTR a separate license?
Yes, it has a separate license (Meetingroom SKU) which is like an E5 without the office apps and is about $15 per room per month.

Will the 3rd party join work if the device is in SfB only mode?
Maybe (should not be any technical blockers.)

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