Sunday, November 24, 2019

Ignite 2019 - THR2130 - Raising Visibility and Trust in Apps on Teams

Presented by: Bill Bliss

Session summary:
We, at Microsoft, aim to expedite adoption of Teams apps within enterprises through improved transparency and trust between Teams app developers and Enterprises. Come learn about our programs that provide visibility into security and data handling postures of apps built on Teams.

My notes:

A lot of large enterprises turned off all apps in Teams to start with since they did not know if they could trust the apps. They need to trust the apps that are being run in their organization.

Understanding this Microsoft now announces a new Microsoft 365 Certification Program (for apps.) and the goal of this program is to raise visibility and trust in Apps on Teams.

At the Microsoft 365 Publisher Attestation page information about apps are in a single location, in a consistent manner. The Certification program takes this a step further.

In the list of apps, you can click any app and see four information areas for the app, General, Data Handling, Security and Compliance, CSA STAR.

In the future the Teams Admin center will show information about all apps, and indicate if they are certified or not.

Apps in the Teams Admin portal

The same type of app certification exists for other Office programs as well such as Word, Outlook, etc.

Overview and app info:
For developers:

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