Sunday, November 10, 2019

Ignite 2019 - THR3061 - Your own Direct Routing SBC in Azure in 20 minutes

Presented by: Ståle Hansen and Mårten Hellebro

Session summary:
Telephony in Microsoft Teams is on many organizations’ wish list. You can bring your own SIP trunk and use Direct Routing, and for that you need a certified Session Border Controller (SBC). Even with no hardware or any of the required on-premise infrastructure pieces in place, you can still have your own SBC, in Azure. During this session, MVP Marten Hellebro and MVP Stale Hansen will share their best practices from real-world deployments and at the same time, demonstrates how to set up a SBC for Direct Routing in Azure in literally no time.

My Notes:

You can now bring your own SIP trunk to the cloud using the cloud.

  1. Azure Subscribtion
  2. Access to create Routing groups
  3. Plan the Azure networking (public IP, lock down)
  4. Understand Direct Routing Networking (open ports)
  5. A public certificate (* is ok)
  6. New-CsOnlinePSTNGateway

A demo followed that showed how to install a Mediant VE Session Border Controller from Audiocodes, there are also SBCs from Ribbon and Anynode available in Azure.

Deploy the SBC in Azure, get the public IP to be used, update DNS records

At Shane Hoey have created a form that will simplify the process of creating an initialization/configuration file to be used with the Audiocodes SBC.

Login to the web interface of the SBC, upload the configuration file and "reset" the SBC.

Login again after a reboot and configure the network card to be used and the certificate to be used for the TLS connection. Import a Root certificate from Microsoft to make the SBC trust Office 365.

Check in the Teams Admin portal if the options ping / heartbeat is going or not, start making calls!

Your own SBC in Azure - no hardware needed

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