Sunday, November 10, 2019

Ignite 2019 - BRK2249 - Advanced Reporting and Diagnostics using Call Quality Dashboard (CQD)

Presented by: Siunie Sutjahjo and Satish Kumar from Accenture

Session summary:
Join us to learn how Accenture have been able to benefit from our latest Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) and supporting capabilities to save time and effort. We demonstrate the latest Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) capabilities and how these help with troubleshooting call quality. We are bringing new analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to assist you in making decisions proactively in near real time.

My Notes:

Before the session Siunie posted an informative article about the new name and general availability for CQD version 3 on the Tech communities, read it here: Introducing the Advanced Call QualityDashboard

What's in Advanced CQD?
Near Real-Time data (on average 30 minutes)
Additional data and dimensions
Integration with Power BI (call quality on maps)
Data from Microsoft Teams or SfB 2019 on-premises

Current and coming features in CQD
Accenture runs 216K Teams over 450K devices handling some 350,000,000 audio minutes and 125,000,000 chat messages every month and believes CQD has lot of potential to monitor their call quality. Accenture reviews the dashboard daily and use it as the start for any actions, even "Rate my call" information is reviewed daily to find trends. They also built their own customized reports in Power BI and then surfaced these in Teams - nice! Accenture especially pointed out the possibilities to "drill in" in the data as helpful, when they see a trend they will start to look in one of the four regions they established then go to the location (country) next look at the subnet level, hourly trend and all the way down to a specific user. Also, the possibilities to filter the data is useful like excluding WiFi data and VPN traffic from certain reports.

What are the actions Accenture takes when they see drops in call quality?
They will engage with the local networking Team to find out - is there overutilization at this site, packet loss, changes being made, network hardware running at high CPU, is TCP being used instead of UDP?

Enhanced Summary reports

A recorded demo of how to build reports in Power BI using a "CQD Connector" which is coming in preview soon was shown. In the future Machine Learning will be used to analyse the data and find issues.


Will SfB 2015 on-premises be supported with Advanced CQD?
No, the database schema has changed between SfB 2015 and 2019 and only 2019 is supported.

How do we handle wireless networks with IP roaming?
It was harder to do with CQD v2, but in Advanced CQD Basic Service Set identifier (BSSID) is part of the data collected.

How are Push notifications done?
This is still being worked on, it is in the roadmap but not in preview yet.

Will there be new detailed report templates available?
Not from Microsoft. However, reports created in CQD v2 can be exported and imported to CQD v3.

Will all the data in CQD be available through Power BI?
Yes, if you belong to the right RBAC group for access. Also, due to compliance reasons, personal data is only kept for 30 days.

Are there any special reports available for Direct Routing in CQD?
No, not currently, but it is coming soon.

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