Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ignite 2019 - THR2102 - Microsoft Teams: Personal call routing

Presented by: Habib Mankal (@habibmankal) from WaveCore IT

Session summary:
In this session come learn how a Microsoft Teams user can manage their own call routing.  These key features in Microsoft Teams voice puts the user base in the drivers seat by providing them the control to enable:

Call Park - Answer and Park a call for another user to pick up
Group Call Pickup - Ring multiple Teams members
Shared Line Appearance - delegate to answer or handle calls on their behalf

My notes:

Personal call routing - the ability to manipulate a phone call as it goes through your Microsoft Teams environment.

  • Requirements
    Enterprise Voice Licensing (Phone System) and Configuration settings (Number assigned + Teams Only mode)
  • Shared line appearance (delegates)
    Boss-Admin and vacation scenarios. This is enabled default with Teams Enterprise Voice.
  • Group call pickup
    Send my incoming call to a group of people. This is enabled default with Teams Enterprise Voice. Limit of 32,000 groups.
  • Call park - needs to be enabled by an admin in the Teams Admin portal.
    Scenarios: Reception - park the call, shout out (intercom) someone else can pick it up. Transfer from mobile to desktop. Support from channel, park the call let the channel know. Does not work with devices (desk phones)
  • IT Pro (Administrators)
    The Group call pickup and the Call delegation the user have configured is visible in the Teams Admin center and can be modified by an administrator.

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