Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Ignite 2019 - BRK2373 - Managed Meeting Rooms Service Overview

Presented by: David Howell and Irena Andonova

Session summary:
Managed Rooms is a cloud-based IT management and security monitoring service that keeps Microsoft Teams Rooms devices and their peripherals, secured, up to date and proactively monitored, maintaining an environment optimized for a great user experience. In this session you will learn about how this service can help you scale and manage your meeting room deployment either on your own or with the help of partners.

My Notes:

Managed Meeting Rooms - Microsoft is the operator for your rooms. The number of rooms are rapidly increasing, still many customers will only have a small number of rooms. The rooms should be kept secured and managed at all times. There will be a cost related to this service, a cost is already present due to updating of the firmware, security updates, troubleshooting, monitoring.

Managed Meeting Rooms applies Microsoft expertise, machine learning, global footprint, scale elasticity, operational insights, cross customer learning, and a trusted partner network to free IT professionals from the demands of meeting room management, allowing them to focus on their core business. This is being orchestrated from Microsoft’s operations center. At the moment Microsoft is managing more than 1700 rooms for more than 130 customers.

is a page where Microsoft have collected all know-how around Teams rooms which will help customers select appropriate devices for different types of rooms.

The customer dashboard of Managed Teams Rooms

A demo was showed with examples of how some faults are reported
  • A camera was disconnected
  • An IT department applied MFA to all room accounts
  • The device got the wrong time zone applied
  • BIOS not up to date

The portal also contains Usage reports showing how often is the room booked, and how many attendees are online.

Foot locker came on stage to tell about their experience with Managed Meeting Rooms. One of their rooms in Milwaukee went from being the least used room to the most used room just by placing an MTR in the room. They noticed that local IT would take a tour every morning just to check all the rooms if cables were connected, was the hardware online?

With Managed Meeting Rooms the customers get expert management, proactive security, enhanced insights and trusted partners to keep to rooms running great.

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