Monday, November 25, 2019

Ignite 2019 - TMS20 - Intelligent communications in Microsoft Teams

Presented by: James Skay and Paul Cannon

Session summary:
Microsoft Teams solves the communication needs of a diverse workforce. Calling and meeting experiences in Teams support more productive collaboration and foster teamwork across Contoso. Join us to learn more about the latest intelligent communications features along with the most recent additions to our device portfolio.

My notes:

There are five main parts of Microsoft Teams.
  • Meetings / Live Events
  • Chat
  • Calling
  • Files
  • Teams as a platform, apps and workflows

There are four main types of meetings that run in Microsoft Teams.
  • Scheduled - structured, planned of time with internal or external participants.
  • Ad Hoc - click "Meet now" to start sharing screen, work on documents.
  • Channel - A scheduled meeting inviting everyone part of a channel
  • Live Events - meetings for up to 10,000 people (or even more with eCDN providers.)

Teams helps these meetings being efficient before, during and after the meeting.
  • Before - context, history, chat in the channel, files beforehand, pre-join stage
  • During - cloud recording, live captions, whiteboard (with content camera), sharing (with system audio), reconnecting
  • After - notes, actions, view recording, search transcript

Recent Innovation in Teams Meetings

Audio Conferencing dial-in is available in 72 countries, interactive voice response in 44 languages - Swedish included.

Calling Plans are available in 12 countries and Direct Routing is now used in more than 80 countries and it is possible to mix and match both types. A demo of voicemail, delegates, consultative call using chat was shown, followed by a video about Microsoft Teams Rooms.

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