Saturday, December 7, 2019

Ignite 2019 - BRK2243 - Drive digital transformation using apps in Microsoft Teams

Presented by: Zakiullah Khan Mohammed

Session summary:
Apps in Microsoft Teams allows you to connect information, processes, people, and conversations as a single thread to drive business outcomes faster and with confidence. Today over 300 ready-to-use applications are available for Microsoft Teams, most of which are already being used within your organization. Join us to discover what collaborative workflows using apps in Teams you can enable for your organization, how you can leverage security and compliance information available for you to make informed decisions around apps in Teams and learn best practices employed by other customers around app governance and adoption.

My notes:

Apps can take Teams beyond calling, meetings and chat. Apps will allow you to
  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Drive individual and group productivity
  • Champion your line of business processes
  • Build as Citizen or Professional developer
  • Manage at scale with confidence

Routine tasks and Context switching are problems that Apps in Teams can solve.

An example of an IT Service Desk ticketing solution using a bot, tab, task module, message extension and an adaptive card, as an app in Teams was demoed.

A demo of Smartsheet (in Teams) followed.

An App in Teams is a collection of capabilities (tabs, bots, message actions, messaging extensions, task modules, notifications) connecting to any number of back-end services (Azure, Graph, SharePoint, Flow, Line of business systems.)

42 of the 315 organizations that already have an app in Teams.

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