Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ignite 2019 - MTG10 - Get the most out of meetings with Microsoft Teams

Presented by: James Skay and Pauli Kongas from Kone

Session summary:
Meeting needs are changing and the way we work has evolved. Learn how Teams meetings can help Contoso be more productive.  We’ll highlight the various meeting capabilities in Teams and showcase best practices.

My notes:

Objectives for this session: Learn about different types of meetings in Teams, understand the meeting lifecycle and get some best practices and tips.

Meetings should not be a series of chaos.

Meetings could be
  • Scheduled - with an invitation
  • Ad Hoc - Meet now
  • Channel - Small group collaboration
  • Live Event - Town hall, webinar, all hands

The meeting lifecycle: Before, During and After.

Every Teams meeting gives you
  • Chat
  • Files
  • Meeting Notes
  • Whiteboard

To upload a file to the meeting before it starts, go to the Calendar in Teams, right click the meeting and select "Chat with participants". On the "pre-join meeting stage you can chose if the camera should be on, what background to use, what devices to use and make a test call. Cloud recording will record the meeting right into Stream. Live Captions in English is rolling out soon. Also, a meeting in Teams mobile was shown, turn the screen to change the view, start cloud recording, call me back, screen sharing from mobile and sharing a PowerPoint from OneDrive. Searching for a word or a phrase in the meeting recording after the meeting was held.

Microsoft Whiteboard - a freeform, intelligent canvas for people to ideate, iterate, and work together in person and remotely, across multiple devices. Ink grab (AI-enhanced) will make your analogue drawings digital and ink beautification increases the readability of quickly-jotted notes in the Whiteboard canvas, it analyses the handwriting and automatically replaces it with more legible strokes.

Customer Showcase Kone - 57,000 employees in total, during the ignite week Kone switched all 55,000 IT users to Teams only. They moved 2,000 users first and received 10 support tickets from these users. Were in a pilot / testing phase for about a year, and in hindsight they could have done the move earlier. During a normal day at Kone they consume over
  • 150,000 messages
  • 4,000 meetings (close to 1 million meetings per year)
  • 4,000 calls
using Teams from over 60 countries.

Audio Conferencing for Teams meetings is available in 72 countries, with dial in numbers in 90 countries.

Why Teams meetings?

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