Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Commsverse 2020 - BRK207 - Mythbusting Teams Style - Get From SfB to Teams

Presented by: Tom Arbuthnot, Aaron Steele

Session summary:
Busting Myths, wherein we will bust the top 5 myths for SFB on-premises to Teams migration. We will talk about Voice, Meetings, Integration, User Readiness and Migration.

My notes:

10 Myths busted...

Teams is too complicated
- Start small, you do not need to use all of Teams from day 1.

We have regulations that keep us on-premises
- Is that really for all users? forever?
- Many financial and governmental organizations are already using Teams

We have features we need in SfB that are not in Teams
- Document and define these features and their impact
- Do all users need this, can it be done in another way?
- Are there 3rd party add-ons that could fix it?

The cloud moves too fast (this is a good thing for users)
- IT organizations have issues keeping up
- Use a test tenant
- Keep up to date with the message center and the roadmap

We have Room Systems / Need Room Systems
- MTR and Collaboration bars offer modern meeting room experiences
- Cloud Video Interop is there

We have business processes depending on SfB
- Incident management with a static PSTN bridge?
- Modernize the process
- Use chat and Teams and you will have a record as well

Teams is missing compliance features- Information Barriers
- eDiscovery and Content search
- Legal hold
- Microsoft 365 Audit Log
- Session Recording API

We need physical IP Phones
- Do all users?
- Alternatives from Poly, Yealink, Lenovo, Audiocodes

The Internet will kill the call quality
- Your ISP is most likely peered to Microsoft
- Users work from home anyway
- Great reporting CQD / PowerBI
- Great codecs - Silk and Satin

We are not ready to move our telephony
- Could start with other workloads
- Try Direct Routing ASAP

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