Monday, July 6, 2020

Commsverse 2020 - BRK117 - Scalable modern teamwork model in Teams user adoption

Presented by: Karoliina Kettukari

Session summary:
How to convince your employees to move from WhatsApp and local storages to Teams? Giving guidelines and orders top-down hardly does the trick. Technical trainings for one don't cover the teamwork aspect of Teams usage. As the organisational change should always come from within, why not give the power to teams!
In this session I'll introduce a workshop model to phase and scale Teams user adoption. In modern teamwork workshops teams themselves create their own Teams rulebook. The workshops are facilitated by change agents or supervisors with materials produced by the user adoption and change management project team. This is an effective and resource friendly way to ensure both high employee satisfaction and high active usage rates.
Session takeaways: Concrete and real life tested workshop model suitable for organisations in various sizes and industry sectors. Tips and best practices for internal teamwork development with Teams

My notes:


Empower your Teams - because change comes from within and the Team is the best expert in their day-to-day job. Technical trainings answer how - not why - what's in it for me?

The session title well explained.


Define company guidelines
- Which tools should we use?
- Which tools do we use today, good / bad?
- Deadlines - when do we change?
- Why are we changing?
- Offer support

Create a workshop agenda & materials
- Like Lego blocks or yarn - just give it to the Team
- Make it easy
- Create a team in Teams for this

Train your trainers
- Who are the trainers? Supervisors? Champions?
- Guidelines, goals, how to run a workshop
- Create a clear structure
- Create short videos for the most important parts
- Keep supporting them

Follow up & support
- Go back and update workshop materials
- Use Power Platform to create automatic followups & reports
- Celebrate success!

The workshop process with a supporting SharePoint site was demoed.

"It's not rocket science, it's just teamwork."
"Like dogs, all teams are different."

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