Monday, July 6, 2020

Commsverse 2020 - BRK132 - Vision Keynote - The Power of Community and Microsoft Teams

Presented by: Jeff Teper, Laurie Pottmeyer, Geri Johnson

Session summary:
Community plays a big part in product development, deployment strategies, and successful adoption of Microsoft Teams.  Learn how both Microsoft and Microsoft Teams customer, SSPR, uses their own communities to do just this - and how you can use yours, too

My notes:

The world is going "Remote everything". Digital communications and online meetings are changing how people work and Microsoft 365 have become the world's productivity cloud. The latest pandemic causing millions of people to turn to Teams simply could not have been handled by on-premises software.

Teams is Customer driven - police departments, universities and all sorts of organizations are currently contributing to the development of Teams.

Microsoft want to help you "Enabling remote work with Microsoft 365" - - This is a site where Microsoft share best practices small and large, for example ending every meeting five minutes before the hour to allow people time to get ready, and practices such as using VPN split-tunnelling. Please take a look at the site.

In March of 2008 BPOS was released and in April of 2020 Office 365 had 258M MAU (monthly active users) and Teams had 4,1 billion daily meeting minutes. Part of these meeting minutes have included singing contests and even the NFL draft.

A view of the coming Microsoft SharePoint Lists in Teams were shown.

"We are putting the pedal to the metal in developing new features in Teams" and lately this have resulted in the following features being added to the product.

  • Raise Hands
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Multi-window Chat, Calling and Meetings Coming
  • Large Gallery - 3x3 with 7x7 Coming
  • Safety and Moderation Controls
  • Learning Management System Integration
  • Features for Remote Assistance, First Line Workers
  • Build Developer Announcements
  • Teams Freemium with Scheduled meetings
  • Teams for Consumer Mobile Preview
  • Spectrum of devices, apps, and services

But just wait... more are coming... stay tuned!

So many features added and more are coming!

Laurie Pottmeyer continued to talk about the Scale, Security, Feature development and Innovation in Microsoft Teams.


Events like Commsverse are proof of the awesome user community that exist around Teams. Please continue to use UserVoice to send in ideas and feedback, we absolutely look at that information and use it in many internal meetings. A video with voices about the community from around the world was shown, so nice to see several of my friends in there and so nice to be a part of this community!

Next, Geri Johnson, talked about nice meetings with Goats, use the URL below if you need a goat (or why not a Llama) in your meeting.

Creative examples of using games such as Kahoot! and Tic-Tac-Toe in meetings were mentioned, coffee break meetings, raffles and dance parties are other ways to draw people closer in online meetings. Work life balance were discussed, workspace, busy lights, big headphones, quiet hours, etc.

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