Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Teamsfest 2020

Today I again joined Teamsfest arranged by the European Teams User Group, just like last year. A great community driven event held totally on-line in Microsoft Teams. Look at twitter under #teamsfest for some buzz about the event.

Teamsfest - powered by Teams of course!

The event was running the entire day with many sessions and good speakers. For recordings of all the sessions from the day look at the YouTube page of the European Teams User Group. Thanks to Chris Hoard, Vesa Nopanen, Adam Deltinger and Chris Webb for arranging this event!

The keynote started with a video note form Jeff Teeper - Corporate Vice President Microsoft 365 Collaboration of Microsoft.

Remote everything - the world has changed forever, what we learnt the last few months will stick with us forever.

History of Teams

  • March 2008 - Microsoft Online Service availability
  • June 2011 Office 365 General Availability
  • March 2017 Microsoft Teams General Availability
    (Office 365 85M Monthly Active Users)
  • April 2020 Microsoft Teams 75M Daily Active Users
    (Office 365 258M Monthly Active Users)

Ignite Recap - a few highlights

  • Together Mode Scenes
  • Custom Layouts
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Meeting Recap
  • Webinars
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Calling Experience
  • Teams Templates
  • New Search Experience
  • Power Platform Integration
  • Meetings Extension
  • SharePoint Home Site App in Teams
  • SharePoint Syntex
  • Teams meetings recoding in SharePoint

A big thank you to the community!

About the day - Chris Hoard

Teamsfest is 100% free, 100% community, 100% passion.

  • 8 tracks
  • 85 sessions
  • 50 hours of Content
  • 8 moderators

There is also a lounge for socializing at (aka Veskus virtual sauna)

Teams as a Platform - Vesa Nopanen

It is possible to create a bot to welcome new employees to the company, sending info and relevant links to the user. Teams could become the one-stop-shop for employee onboarding. Other examples are CRM integrations, screen pops at incoming calls, and the new meetings extensibility feature. 600+ applications are available in the store as of today. Power Platform allows "citizen developers" to develop apps and bots without code.

The importance of Wellbeing - Adam Deltinger

Wellbeing comes before productivity (or at least should.) The new work from home environment have several benefits, but also challenges like burn out. Both tricks and features in Teams can be used to ease the stress and improve the wellbeing of any employee:

  • Virtual commute
  • Emotional Check in
  • Meditation breaks
  • Break scheduling
  • Together modes
  • Quite hours
  • Focus assist
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Tasks in Teams

Chris wrapped up by discussing Teams for Education and all the great features in Teams that are the result of feedback from schools using Teams.

Have a great fest!

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