Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Teamsfest 2020 - Creating your Champions Quarter in Teams

Presented by: Ville Gullstrand

Session Summary:
Most organizations are either managing their own champions program for Microsoft 365 or looking into creating one. The obvious place for your dear champs to share ideas is in Microsoft Teams! During this live demo session will go from nothing to a full scale Champions Quarter where your champs can thrive!

My notes:

The world is changing? The world has changed!

Office 365 - evergreen cloud - Continuous updates are happening and a champions team is needed. This group of engaged persons might be called

  • Ambassadors
  • Pioneers
  • Early adopters
  • Champions
  • Ninjas
  • or something cool

A practical hand-on session on how to build a "Champions Quarters" in Teams.

Add a Team called "The champions quarters" or something similar. Change the logo to something that people will recognize / remember. Create channels called, News, Continuous improvement (for feature updates) and fun stuff. Add an RSS feed to the News channel, for example the Office 365 roadmap and Go and reply on some of the items in the feed to start discussions (be active.)

In Continuous improvement add as a tab.

In the General channel add a tab to the Teams uservoice. Go to the files tab and open the underlying SharePoint site, add links to this site as well and change the look of the site. Create a new news post with the title "Who are we as Champions" explaining the champions program. Go back to the General channel and add this news post as a tab.

Spend a few minutes to build a nicer SharePoint site.

On the SharePoint site add a list called "Tips in Teams" with the columns Title, Description and Publish date and continuously add tips to this list. Go to Power Automate (Flow) and build a flow to use todays date to publish the tip on the date specified in the list. This way new tips can be prepopulated and posted once a day for example.

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