Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Teamsfest 2020 - Demo session: Microsoft Phone system for users

Presented by: Linus Cansby

Session Summary:

Teams is a perfect place for collaboration and one of the parts of the collaboration is voice. With Teams you can activate Phone system and start calling to the Telephone network directly from your Teams client. In this session I will show how it works for the user and what users can expect. This session is for users and administrators that want to know if Teams can be their phone system platform and for users that recently started to use Teams as their phone system and want some tips. Expect demos, demos and demos.

My notes:

Phone system (the "PBX" in Office 365) connects to the PSTN via Calling Plans (hosted by Office 365) or Direct Routing (using an SBC hosted by the customer or a provider.)

The contact list in the Teams client is the same as the contact list in Outlook, and the Teams client have call history and built-in voice mail. Forwarding, Simultaneous ringing, voicemail settings and ringtones can be customized in settings. Call through in Do-not-disturb mode and call blocking can be handled in privacy settings. Call transfer with call back, consultative transfer, calling groups, delegation of calls, handling multiple incoming calls, hold was also demoed. Merging of calls is soon to be released in Teams.

The demos ended with a Call Queues demonstration.

Questions and Answers

When do you use conference mode in call queue?
When you have all agents in Teams (improves performance.)

Is there an attendant console coming?
Yes, several 3rd party options already exist.

Voice calling recording?
Is coming later this year.

If my boss setup my account as a delegate, am I able to change the boss call forwarding settings?

Can the admin set delegation and call forwarding for boss and secretary?
Yes, using the Teams Admin Center.

Are call queue and Auto Attendant reporting by Graph API available?
Yes, and PowerBI reports are coming in the future (announced at Ignite). Reporting for queues and Auto Attendants is available from

When is presence for the Teams API coming?
Presence is in beta in Graph API already.

Are there any new custom roles coming for Teams admins?
The Microsoft Teams Communications Administrator now has access to Direct Routing, Auto Attendant and Call Queue administration.

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