Monday, September 24, 2018

Microsoft Teams News from Ignite 2018

This week Microsoft Ignite is happening in Orlando. Five days packed with sessions, news, networking and more - and I am not there :-( but I am following the event online of course. In order for as many as possible to catch most of the news from Ignite, Microsoft created an "Ignite Book of News" to summarize many of the new things, please download it for more info. To home in on the news in Microsoft Teams please review this Tech community post: What's new in Teams - Ignite Edition

A lot of people are into Teams by now...

The growth of organizations using Microsoft Teams is truly remarkable
  • 0 organizations on March 13, 2017
  • 125,000 organizations in September 2017
  • 200,000 organizations in March 2018
  • 329,000 organizations in September 2018

87 of the Fortune 100 organizations are using Microsoft Teams, some 54 customers have more than 10,000 users, and one organization (Accenture) have more than 100,000 users in Teams. Microsoft Teams is available in 44 languages, and a free version for up to 300 people is available.

Some of the news mentioned in the article and discussed at Ignite
  • Background blur
  • Meeting recording (with transcription and search)
  • Cloud video interoperability (Polycom, Blue Jeans and Pexip)
  • Industry-specific and role-based workflows
  • Teams Device Certification Program
  • Teams on Surface Hub 2 is coming 
  • SharePoint & Teams Integration
  • Yammer tab
  • Data Loss Prevention in Teams
  • Deeper integration with the Microsoft Graph
  • Adaptive Cards
  • Team Templates
  • Teams Administrator Role 
  • Screen sharing in private chat
  • Image annotation
  • Priority notifications
  • Drive Mode

Background Blur can save you when unexpected things happen in the backdrop
(or you did not clean up your room)

Blur on!

Priority notification alerts the recipient and automatically re-alerts the recipient every two minutes for up to twenty minutes.

Manage all Teams in your tenant from the Admin center.

 Rotating the Surface Hub 2 looks fun!

Access Yammer without leaving Teams.  

 Screen sharing in a private chat without an audio or video session.

 Drive Mode - an all American feature that might not be legal everywhere in the world.
(Friends don't let friends drive and dial...)

Some of the new stuff is already here, and others will come soon.

Microsoft Teams now is the primary client for meetings and calling in Office 365, so from October 1, 2018, Skype for Business online will no longer be included in Office 365 for new customers with fewer than 500 seats.


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