Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ignite 2018 - BRK3232 - Collaborative calling and business voice in Microsoft Teams

Presented by
Paul Cannon, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Voice 
Anna Cao, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Teams
both from Microsoft.

135 million people are using some functionality of Office 365, every month. Office 365 "Phone system" is a PBX in the cloud that connects to the PSTN via Calling Plans or Direct Routing.

Calling plans are available in 10 locations.

However, no new countries for calling plans are currently in the works, Microsoft is not being allowed as an operator in many countries - the monopolies are still going strong it seems. For such countries Direct Routing can still be used. (I believe that was your question Mårten?)

Direct Routing - a.k.a. Bring your own trunk.
The new Device Certification Program were mentioned.

The calling icon/tab will be available in ALL tenants, to make users aware of it.

A demo on how to use the /call "command" in Teams, use only "/" to see all available commands. "Priority Access" (found under Settings / Privacy) is a feature that allows people to break through your Do not disturb mode. Demos on delegation, consultative transfer, auto attendant, call queues followed in the session.

Some of the future coming features within Teams - Voice.
  • Group Call Pickup
  • Call ParkLocation Based Routing
  • Shared Line Appearance
  • Forward to Group
  • Delegation Enhancements (coming to mobile app as well, and admin control)

Some future features being investigated.
  • Instant talk always on - like a "push to talk" feature of two way radios.
  • Collaborative Calls
  • Delegate Calls
  • Team-based Calls
  • Role-based Calls
  • Attendant Calls
  • Outbound customer Calls

Direct Routing for Skype for business Online? Microsoft is still looking at it.
Will Dynamic E911? Still looking at that as well.
Will VIP delegate management be available? Will probably come at a later stage.
When I join a team as a Guest I lose capabilities I have in my "home tenant", work is ongoing to improve the guest experience.

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