Sunday, October 9, 2016

MsIgnite BRK2081 - Plan your Cloud PBX deployment

Presented by Jamie Stark.

Four communication eras were defined, circuit switched PBX, IP-PBX, On-Prem Unified Communications and Cloud PBX.

Since we are reading from left to right it was interesting to see the order in this slide, compared to the same slide a couple years back. Cloud PBX is included in the Office 365 E5 license and can be added to the E3 or E1 licenses. Minutes in the calling plan are pooled by tenant.

Demo of assigning a number to a user in "Cloud PBX" for Skype for business Online.
This service is now available in the US, UK and Puerto Rico, Spain and France is on the way, unfortunately not available in Sweden just yet. Nothing can be said about in which countries this feature will be available next, or when, but the service will expand. (For France and Spain - sign up at In the UK about 1 million minutes of calling have been done so far.

Hosted voicemail is included in Cloud PBX, and even Exchange 2013 on-prem is supported. Voicemail transcription, busy-on-busy, Private line and Cloud Connected Appliance are features being looked at in the roadmap for Cloud PBX.

If you have an on-prem pool - go hybrid. If you do not have an on-prem pool - use the Cloud Connector Edition.

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