Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Microsoft Ignite 2016

I had a great time at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta last week. I mainly followed the Skype for business sessions and checked out all related vendors in the expo.

Somewhere around 600 swedes were present during Ignite and you could spot them all over the Place.
Overall the three main topics of Skype for business at Ignite 2016 were
Also, a lot of other good news and updates big and small were announced, like how to actually use the new Video based Screen Sharing. That transcription and translation will be available in the Skype Meeting Broadcast feature by the end of 2016. PSTN Calling in Skype for business Online in Office 365 is expanding with France and Spain on the way. Keep an eye on this article for future Changes: Countries and regions that are supported for Skype for Business Online PSTN Services
For more info on the coming Skype for Business for Mac client take a look at John A Cook's excellent summary. Also, a new version 7.0.1168.1 of the Snooper tool is coming soon with the release of the Mac client and with this version it is possible to open Mac logs as well. We also saw some cool developer demos like a webpage with chat, audio and video in Edge with Skype for business, and without any plugins required.
It was nice to quickly shake hands with
Corporate Vice President, Gurdeep Singh Pall
In the expo area some really cool "robots" or video-enabled-vaccumcleaner-devices were constantly roaming around. They are actually named Beams and run by the company EventPresence.
My friend Fredrik Nilsson from Tyresö in Sweden who could not physically come to Ignite could still mingle with all the attendees and exhibitors on the expo floor. He could also use the various photo booths and even attend a few sessions by simply steering the Beam remotely. I need to get me one of these and I will never have to fly again, so cool!
Fredrik roaming the floors of Ignite 2016.

I also purchased the great book Skype for Business Unleashed and got it signed by many of the authors and contributors like Jamie Stark, Pat Richard, Rui Maximo, Phil Sharp, Ståle Hansen and Tom Arbuthnot.

I still like physical heavy books you can hold in your hands...
It was fun to catch up with Callahan, all MCTs working the Hands-on-Labs, Adnan Hendricks, Johan Dahlbom, Johan Delimon, Sami Laiho, Knowledge Factory (hey! Thanks for the Svenskfest!), the VM-data crew, Pexip, PointSharp and The Krewe of course!
Also, Matt Landis, Josh Blalock and Mark Vale, who all have written great summaries of Ignite:

Last but not least Tom Arbuthnot created a fantastic summary of all Skype for business sessions at Ignite, which I used daily at the Conference. The list is quite long but I will make another try to go through and summarize all of the sessions on my blog, hopefully I'm done before Ignite 2017, here it is:
BRK2068 Turn your users into raving fans of Skype
BRK3061 Ready your network for Skype for Business Online
BRK3271 Dive into Project Rigel and the Skype for Business Meeting Device Portfolio
BRK2072 Hear our Skype story: deploying at Accenture
BRK2076 Migrate to the cloud – Skype for Business Online
BRK3300 Get to know Skype for Business Meetings: your complete meeting solution
THR2027 Plan your future with Skype for Business
BRK2077 Get to know the Skype Operations Framework 
BRK2087 Build native cloud apps for Skype for Business: Skype Developer platform overview 
BRK3049 Manage Skype for Business with a single pane of glass – IT Pro Tools
BRK3058 Dig into the Skype Operations Framework 
BRK4004 Troubleshoot new Skype for Business offerings 
BRK3048 Get under the hood of Skype for Business PSTN conferencing 
BRK3050 Troubleshoot operations with Skype Call Quality Management 
THR2026 Get engaged with Skype for Business preview 
BRK2080 Understanding devices certified for Skype for Business: what’s in it for you? 
BRK4012 Dive deep on Skype Web SDK & Skype for Business App SDK: Build apps across Web, IOS & Android
BRK2073 Cushman and Wakefield with Skype for Business: A customer’s story 
BRK3051 Manage policy in Skype for Business Online 
BRK3056 Plan for call management with Skype for Business Cloud PBX 
BRK2081 Plan your Cloud PBX deployment 
BRK3053 Understand the mysteries of Dial Plans and Voice Routes in Skype for Business 
BRK2070 Meet Skype for Business for Mac 
BRK2071 Deploy and operate Skype for Business for Windows
BRK2086 Plan for Skype for Business Mobile Clients 
BRK4013 Dive deep on the new Trusted Application API for Skype for Business Online
BRK4005 Configure Skype for Business for Skype Room Systems, Project Rigel and Surface Hub 
BRK2069 Revolutionize adoption for Skype for Business Online 
BRK3055 Plan and deploy Skype for Business Voice Devices 
BRK3054 Plan for Skype for Business cloud connectivity with Microsoft Office 365
BRK3301 Understand the Skype for Business meeting room interop 
BRK2074 Kelly Services & Skype for Business: A customer’s story 
BRK3059 Deploy Cloud Connector Edition with Microsoft Office 365 
BRK3060 Manage Skype for Business Server 2015 
BRK3057 Manage mobility with MDM and Skype for Business 
BRK3270 Plan to deploy Skype Meeting Broadcast 
BRK2088 Drive real-world success with Skype for Business platform solutions 
BRK2089 Deliver compliance with Skype for Business Online 
BRK4011 Deploy ExpressRoute for Skype in Microsoft Office 365 
BRK2075 Meet the communications needs of your users with Skype for Business 
THR2026 Get engaged with Skype for Business preview 
BRK3079 Configure Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition with your SBC 
BRK4007 Troubleshoot media flows in Skype for Business across online, server and hybrid  
Tom also posted a script to Download all these Skype for Business Ignite Conference Videos from a YouTube Playlist.
If there is something negative to say about Ignite this year it is really the lunches, so on Friday we went out for some real meat!

Hey is that the famous 34 ounce / 964 grams Ribeye steak? You bet!