Sunday, November 7, 2021

Ignite 2021 - BRK201 - Office: The universal interactive canvas for all creators

Presented by: Wangui McKelvey

Session summary: Creators of every kind want to create and collaborate easily and in real time. Microsoft Loop brings boundary-less creation and collaboration to life. Microsoft Editor is business-aware, helping you find, create, and share ideas and content more seamlessly than ever before. Clipchamp empowers everyone to create beautiful, professional-looking videos. Come see how we are reimagining Office and bringing together the best of human creation, collaboration, and cloud-powered AI.

My Notes:

Office is more than just Word, Execl, PowerPoint - Teams is part of Office as well. The times are changing and Office as well to become more collaborative. A great summary of the presentation by Wangui can be found here: Microsoft Office—Transforming for the hybrid world

Seven new features and also the agenda of this session

New in Office

PowerPoint Live have changed how we present in Teams. Microsoft’s Cameo feature in PowerPoint will allow you to integrate your Teams camera feed into your presentation. Speaker coach in Microsoft Teams will be available in early 2022, but you can use speaker coach in PowerPoint already today.

The three elements of Loop: 

  • Loop Components - Atomic units of productivity
  • Loop Pages - Brings components, links, task and collaborates together
  • Loop Workspaces - Bring everything important to your project in a shared space

Loop will eventually be available in many Office clients but coming first to Teams and Outlook. Demos of the loop components Voting table and Status tracker were in the session.

In the loop.

Context IQ takes AI-based suggestions for writing in Microsoft 365 to the next level. It will predict your words and suggest documents and email addresses of collaborators in real-time as you write.

Clipchamp - a new member of this Office family - helps you create videos with confidence.

A new experience in will help you find content in Office Online easier.

A nice demo of the Recording studio in PowerPoint.

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