Monday, September 25, 2017

MsIgnite 2017 TK01 Technology Keynote: Create a modern workplace with Microsoft 365

It would be nice with a single app for everything we need to do, but that is not possible or practical just yet. However, Microsoft Teams are a step in that direction, a hub for teamwork. Teams collect conversations, files and apps (150+ of them) into a single frame. Microsoft Teams is part of a new strategy or "vision for intelligent communications in Office 365", which will bring technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, speech recognition and cognitive services to our communication.

This new "Core communications client" runs on a new backend built for the Skype infrastructure, and it will replace Skype for business "over time", not immediately. Just to be clear "We still plan to fully support Skype for business during this transition".

Next a long demo session followed showing among other things:

  • Mobile Outlook running on iOS is smart, it understands emails about flights, deliveries and reservations, and can summarize and simplify these kinds of mail.
  • The Cortana scheduling service can schedule a meeting for you automatically
  • A new whiteboard application for the Surface Hub with an intelligent canvas which understand shapes and freehand text.

Then the Microsoft Teams information and demo (at about 20 and 30 minutes into the recording) showing:

  • Guest access (for any Azure AD account (with MFA))
  • Files / OneNote / Power BI dashboard tabs
  • Threaded persistent conversations (with emojis and Gif's)
  • Meeting with Dialin conferencing
  • Recorded meeting, using Stream (showing transcript and facial recognition of speaker for searches)

Looking at a recorded meeting in style.

Other Microsoft 365 features in demo:
  • Offline access to files in SharePoint
  • Files on-demand (handle cloud and local files the same way)
  • Yammer "Employee townhall meeting" 
Finally, a demo on how easy it is to install and configure a new PC using Intune provisioning over the Internet, answer 5 questions and log in - done! 

Some interesting new Analytics in Microsoft 365 were shown as well:

Notice the "Skype: Enabled vs active users" dial.

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