Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ignite 2017 Collaborate in a chat-based workspace with Microsoft Teams

We see a shift from individual productivity towards team based productivity. The presentation featured a long demo of Microsoft Teams. The following features were presented:

The customer Dentsu Aegis Network talked about their journey with Microsoft Teams.


Teams Roadmap   
Product help  
Known issues   
Product Ideas   
Teams Dev Hub

Questions and Answers

How about Channels with different membership than the parent team?
This "shared channel" concept is being worked on.

How can we control the provisioning / creation of Teams?
There are Office 365 policies on who can create groups, a group = a team behind the scenes.

What happens when a user that created a team is terminated?
Policies for archiving and in place hold will still apply, and there is an option to promote another user to become the new owner of a team.

Can we track how many teams and channels are created?
Yes, this will be exposed in the Admin center later on.

Can we re-brand the Teams client?
No, but there is the concept of themes.

How about clientless meeting join?
It is coming in teams, but not there yet.

Which browsers are supported?
Most of them except for Safari.

Can we allow non-Azure AD accounts as guests in teams?
No, this is being worked on, but no time plan can be given at this time.

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