Wednesday, November 2, 2016

MsIgnite BRK3059 - Deploy Cloud Connector Edition with Microsoft Office 365

Presented by Korneel Bullens   

Options for voice in Office 365
  • Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling service
    Available in United States, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Preview starting for France and Spain
  • Cloud PBX with on-premises PSTN connectivity
    Hosts users online, connects via on premises
  • Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition (CCE)
    Hybrid offering that contains a set of virtualized machines

Cloud Connector Overview

CCE was first released in April of 2016 and there have been 3 minor updates or versions so far. The next major version (2.0) is probably coming early next year.

CCE should be seen as a "black box", i.e. do not change the topology, scripts, software or anything really. CCE deploys in approximately 7 hours (or 45 min if you get it as an appliance.)

CCE is scaled for 70 percent internal traffic, that is media not going through edge component of CCE, and 30 percent external traffic. It is not designed to be used in hosting scenarios.

CCE do not support media bypass, custom dialplans or co-existence with on-prem S4B Pools.

The presentation continued with technical details around the installation of CCE.

Interesting to see new "cc-commands" like Install-CcAppliance, rather than the good old "cs-commands".

Questions and Answers

Is it possible to use VLAN tagging for the two different networks CCE is connected to?

Is it possible to use a public certificate on the inside?
No, import the internal CA root certificate.

Is it possible to let CCE share hardware with something else?
No, the cloud connector is an appliance.


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