Thursday, November 3, 2016

MsIgnite BRK2087 - Build native cloud apps for Skype for Business: Skype Developer platform overview

Presented by Andrew Bybee

The bots are coming...

The presentation started with a demo of the Smartsheet integration with presence, conversations and meetings.

Next was Skype for Salesforce where Skype is built into the Salesforce GUI / Webpage featuring videocalling in Edge without a plugin with the call and editing in Salesfore happening in the same window.

Embedded video calling in Google Chrome using the WebRTC implementation in Chrome were demoed, using a "media provider" built into the Chrome browser, just as in Edge.

Web and Chat is cool, but voice still accounts for more than 60% of the traffic for most customer service organizations. Hence, "Trusted applications" in the cloud will be supported by a coming "Trusted applications API", which was demoed together with the WebSDK in the session. A demo featured an anonymous user in a web chat session with an agent who could bring in a second agent / expert and a consumer Skype healthcare bot via the Bot Framework. The demo also featured a PSTN call into a trusted application via Office 365 PSTN calling with DTMF signalling, basic IVR and agent routing.   

UCMA will probably not be ported to the cloud, but WebRTC is on the roadmap for Skype for business (starting with Online)

Lots of opportunities if you like to code!


Skype Developer Platform
Skype for Business Apps

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