Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lync Deep Diving - part 3

In case you missed it and have good Lync ideas that you would like to share, please visit the site: Here you can enter your own ideas as well as "vote" for ideas you like. So far I have posted 5 ideas and have a few more in mind.

Lync Edge and User Replicator

It seems as the Lync Edge server is running the User Replicator without actually needing it. In some cases it even causes the Lync Server 2013 Access Edge service to fail to start or hang. You can read more about it in the KB article:

Lync Server 2013 Access Edge service fails to start or stops responding after it starts

Now since the Edge server sits in the DMZ, and for performance reasons, you want to run as few services as possible on this server. So, the recommendation would be to always switch off the User Replicator on the Edge server.

Set-CsAccessEdgeConfiguration -EnableUserReplicator $False

Working with the Edge server, many are the occasions when you need to check, and double-check, ports.

This can be done with PortQry and PortQryUI, which is a user Interface for PortQry. This tool gets even cooler if you download a PortQueryUI Config.xml File for Lync from Flinchböt. The config file is for Lync 2010, but can easily be modified to work with Lync 2013.

Happy port scanning!

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