Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Windows 8 is on it's way

Yesterday was the first day that Microsoft started to talk publicly about Windows 8. Truesec hosted a nice event here in Stockholm. We got to see all the past versions of Windows with some funny comments about each from a deployment and a developer perspective. Good job by Micke Nyström and Emil Kvarnhammar.

Starting with Windows 3.1 we got to see Win 95, WinNT, Win Vista, Win 7. During this nostalgia trip I remembered the first time I went to the Stockholm Globe area to see Windows 95 being launched, great event! But then I also remembered the network settings in Win95, configuring TCP/IP, and the modem icon - and then my skin started to itch in strange way. Things were not better before!

Then the program from the Windows 8 build conference in Anaheim was aired on a big screen. Windows 8 looks promising and here are some of the things shown and discussed that I remember.

  • Windows 8 will Boot faster
  • Save power by suspending applications not in focus
  • Save memory compared to Windows 7
  • Boot from 256 TB drives
  • Mount .vhd and .iso natively
  • Support for all Ipad features – multitouch, rotation, accelerometer, gyro
  • Support for an App store
  • New restore functions
  • Integration of settings, etc to Windows Live / Skydrive
  • Near Field Communications
  • Metro style GUI programs, and support for oldschool Win7 programs
  • Support Hyper-V
  • Improved taskmanager
  • Better support for multiple monitors
  • Can stop boot attempts from USB media?
    (Backtrack - get to work to "fix" this ASAP!)
  • Onscreen keyboard
  • Login by tapping a picture in a secret sequence, or by PIN?
  • Support for USB 3.0

For more information on Windows 8, check out the "Building Windows 8 blog"

Use this link to download a developer preview of Windows 8.

Micke configuring Windows 3.11!

 The new start screen in Windows 8

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