Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Federation is fun!

After building a short list of Swedish organizations using Lync federation, I got in contact with Julian Bee from New Zealand. Quite funny that Lync federation would put me in contact with a guy from the other side of the world. Anyhow, Juilan managed to start what I had in mind much quicker than I, he now maintains a site called "Lync federation Directory" with the easy-to-remember URL of:

I will still maintain my list of Swedish organizations or organizations with business in Sweden, at this page: Svenska Lyncfederationslistan

It is cool to consider how this in the long run could create something like a PSTN for Lync clients. So this is what Mr. Bell and Mr. Ericsson must have felt like when their equipment started to spread around. Now this network has presence and video besides voice so it will be even nicer.

And now, for all you who have not done so yet...
I know you want to click this...

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