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Friends of Microsoft Teams - Week 9 - 2024 (February 26 - March 3)

Hello Friend of Microsoft Teams,

Find below a list of public posts and updates on Microsoft Teams (and Microsoft 365) that have been published in Week 9 of 2024, February 26 – March 3.

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I will try something new in this edition of the newsletter. I will only be listing the message center posts that are new. For Teams & Viva this last week we have 42 updated posts but only 5 new ones. I am worried that the news will get lost in all the updates. For a searchable record of all message center posts you can check my blog at (for the ones of you that does not have access to a Message Center of your own) and I know there are several other public sites providing this “service” as well.

Good change, or bad change according to you? Please let me know by replying to this mail.

For the ones of you that have access to a Message Center – please note the new look of the messages this week.


What's New in Microsoft Teams (and Microsoft 365):

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Microsoft Teams: Voicemail recorded custom greetings | migration update MC722588 Published Mar 2, 2024

At Microsoft, we are dedicated to protecting your data. As part of this commitment, we are migrating recorded custom greetings for Microsoft Teams voicemail to a new storage location. We are pleased to report that we have migrated 99.94% of our customers' custom greetings.

For the remaining 0.06% of users who have not received any voicemail in over six months, their custom recorded greetings are still stored in the old location. Starting from May 2024, default greetings will be played instead of any custom recorded greetings for these users. Please note that this message only pertains to recorded custom greetings. Custom greetings entered by text are not affected by this migration.


Update to Get-CsOnlineUser and Get-CsUserPolicyAssignment cmdlet in the Teams PowerShell Module MC720181 Published Feb 28, 2024

We will be retiring LocationPolicy, OptionFlags and VoicePolicy attributes from Get-CsOnlineUser and Get-CsUserPolicyAssignment cmdlets in the Teams PowerShell Module, If you are using these cmdlets to get LocationPolicy, VoicePolicy, or OptionFlags review the information below for additional details.

The retirement is planned to happen in March 2024.


Open Teams app content in multi-window stageview MC720179 Published Feb 28, 2024

With Collaborative Stageview, Microsoft Teams enables you to open your app content in new multi-window experiences. Configure your multi-window to include an associated conversation or enable a focused view for your user to complete their task. Collaborative Stageview can be opened from an adaptive card, Teams JS SDK or deeplink. Unlock multi-tasking workflows for your users inside Teams; allow them to engage with content and conversation, side-by-side.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 383404

Targeted Release: We will begin rolling out in mid-March 2024 and complete roll out by late-March 2024.

Worldwide, GCC, GCC High and DoD: We will begin rolling out in early-April 2024 and complete roll out by mid-May 2024.


Microsoft Teams: Access work, school, and personal accounts in a single desktop app MC719659 Published Feb 27, 2024

If your organization does not support Mac desktops, you can ignore this message.

Starting in April 2024 and rolling out gradually, the Microsoft Teams desktop app on Windows and Mac will let you use any type of Teams account (work, school, or personal). As in classic Teams, admins can control their users’ sign-in capabilities with group policies.

Users will be able to add and access their additional accounts in the upper right corner of Teams by selecting their profile picture. Teams personal account users can connect and collaborate with the people and groups in their life through Communities in Teams by adding a personal Microsoft account (MSA). (How to create an MSA).

With this capability, we are also introducing changes to how you join meetings. Teams will allow users to view or change the identity that they want to use for meetings, right on the meeting pre-join screen. These changes follow all meeting privacy and security policies.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 383006.

Targeted Release: We will begin rolling out early April 2024 and expect to complete by mid-April 2024.

Worldwide: We will begin rolling out mid-April 2024, and expect to complete by late June 2024. Users of Teams Free (Teams for personal use) will begin to see this update earlier than Teams (work or school) users.


Microsoft Teams admin center (TAC): Search now supports resource accounts MC719655 Published Feb 27, 2024

We're excited to announce that the search bar at the top of the Microsoft Teams admin center (TAC) will now support resource accounts.

Worldwide, GCC, and GCC High: We will begin rolling this out in early March 2024 and expect to complete by early March 2024.


  • Microsoft Viva – new message center posts:


Microsoft Viva Insights: We are pausing the Digest email MC721849 Published Mar 1, 2024

The Microsoft Viva Insights Digest email will be paused effective April 1, 2024 as we address customer feedback to make these emails more timely and relevant for recipients.

Viva Insights will pause the sending of Digest emails to users starting April 1, 2024.


Microsoft Viva: Modern All Company communities for Native Mode networks MC721012 Published Feb 29, 2024

Starting end of February 2024, most All Company communities in Microsoft Viva Engage tenants and networks in Native Mode networks will be automatically migrated to the modern All Company experience. This means that All Company communities will have all the new Viva Engage community experiences and features. It’s worth noting that this change will only affect a few Viva Engage networks. Most networks already have the modern All Company experience.

This adds new features to All Company such as community customizations, cover photos, and custom naming. Find out more benefits here: All Company now works like other Viva Engage communities | Microsoft Learn

We will begin rolling out in late February 2024 and expect to complete by late November 2024.


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