Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Ignite 2018 - THR1165 - Building a community of champions to drive adoption of Microsoft Teams

Presented by Sara Bush and Pouneh Kaufman

Microsoft Teams…
  • Meets modern workplace needs
  • Is a customizable hub for teamwork
  • Simplifies the communication experience
Microsoft internally will migrate 225,000 users by year end, no more Skype for business for them.

The champions were found on Yammer (answering questions and helping people) in pilot groups and by recommendations by other users.

The adoption program had four pillars.

The Champions program had to be global and make Champions visible to the end users. Moreover, Champions had to be asked to do something (Gives) and to get some value for themselves (Gets.) A lot of Teamwork toolkit digital assets was created in this program and that is now available externally to all Microsoft Teams users.

All Champions added a special symbol to their profile picture to indicated that they are in the Champion program and to start conversations.

Did it work?
Yes, now over 55% of all internal chats are in Teams, some 5 months after start (even though everyone can still choose what to use at this time), 17% of all meetings are held in Teams and 99% of people keep using Teams every month. Next thing coming is gamification - let's make it even more fun to use Teams!

Let's play a nice round of Teams :-)

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