Saturday, February 28, 2015

Link Lync presence to Skype

Even though Lync is now becoming Skype to Business, and we have federation between Lync and Skype, I always find myself running both Lync and Skype on my desktop. Mainly I have my business contacts in Lync, and I always use profiles for Lync to jump from system to system, and I use Skype for my friends and family.

However, I like my presence as seen in both applications to be the same. That is why I have been using the nice Link Lync Presence application for some time now.

Link Lync Presence is a free application made by Graham Cropley, for more information about it, and to download, please check out Grahams blog.

Link Lync Presence is a small system tray application that uses the API's from Lync and Skype to synchronize the presence state from Lync to Skype. So if you set your Lync presence to busy, your presence in Skype will also be busy. The sync is one way and the presence states are "converted" in the following way.

Try it out! I like it! and remember that Lync stands for Link AND Sync :-)

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