Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lync on Windows 10 Preview

I have just tested Lync on the new Windows 10 Preview.

It worked fine to install and run the following programs

And even the Lync Server 2013 administrative tools worked fine, the Topology Builder, Lync Control Panel (with silverlight) and the Management Shell.

So, welcome Windows 10!

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  1. I'm having an issue that seems to be related to the display on Lync. When I installed the preview, Lync worked and was fine for a day. I shut down the machine, and the next time I logged in, Lync would start automatically and log in, then I would be able to send one message...and then the program would hang. I have tried running as admin, running in compatibility mode for win8 and win7 but nothing.

    Today I received updates for the preview and when I restarted, Lync worked again, but as soon as I restarted AGAIN and sent a message when it came back up it froze up again.