Wednesday, April 11, 2012

External Enterprise Voice for Office 365

This is extremely interesting for a telephony geek in my position...

With this service which is apparently being launched by April 30, 2012, your Office 365 Lync client will become a phone! Just like any other phone as we used to know them when we all had them permanently installed in our homes. But this is somewhat better and more of course!

With this infrastructure-less (at least not on your premises) integration, you can:
  • Call to any PSTN Phone
  • Receive calls from any PSTN Phone
  • Forward Calls to any PSTN Phone
  • Use the "Lync Mobile Call via Work" feature
Good job and good luck with the service Jajah and Telefonica!

Who will be the first Swedish operator to offer voice services for Office 365?

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