Friday, March 5, 2021

Ignite 2021 - Three ways to easily manage and configure Microsoft Teams for thousands of distributed frontline workers

Presented by: Zoe Hawtof & Prem Kuchi

Session summary:
We know managing the deployment of tools to your frontline workers can be burdensome. In this session, we want to walk through our product investments that make you more effective and save you time as an IT pro. You will learn how to 1) scale your policies across large populations of workers 2) configure industry specific experiences and 3) connect corporate teams to frontline workers through task hierarchies.

My Notes:

The three topics of this session.

First, we now call firstline workers, frontline workers.

Tools to scale policies

Tools to create an industry environment

Tools to connect frontline workers to corporate teams

  • Tasks, can be managed in a hierarchy (demo with PowerShell,
    Set-TeamTargetingHierarchy, and csv files)
  • Task publishing and marking tasks as complete, and follow-up on tasks. (demo)


Microsoft Mechanics - Frontline workers

Configuring Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers - Interactive guide

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