Friday, September 26, 2014

Attendant Pro for Lync

I finally got the chance to test Attendant Pro from Landis Computer.

Attendant Pro is a switchboard operator / attendant application for Microsoft Lync. It is a small, easy to install client which requires nothing more than a Lync client and Lync environment to run. Attendant Pro can be used with a headset or together with a physical Lync phone edition telephone.

Once installed in about 1 minute you can notice that the application was designed with touch, keyboard and mouse in mind. It means that an attendant can use the keyboard for all call pickup and transferring of calls, the mouse is optional. Up to 8 incoming calls can be presented when the Lync / Attendant Pro user is logged into a Lync response group, and calls are answered by clicking the F6 function key. This works even if the Attendant Pro window is in focus or not. When a call is ongoing, the attendant has the following options to handle the call:

  • Hold
  • Park
  • Blind transfer
  • Safe transfer (the call returns to attendant if subscriber does not pick up)
  • Consult transfer (talk to the subscriber first, then transfer)
  • Transfer to voice mail
  • Transfer to mobile
  • Conference
  • Send email notification of missed call

There is a video demo available which also shows a nice integration with Microsoft Dynamics at incoming calls.

Attendant Pro is available in English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Lithuanian and Dutch.

You can download Attendant Pro here, and on this page you will also find a getting started guide and FAQ.

When first installed, the application will cut ongoing calls after 30 seconds. However, you can order a license key that will give you a fully working application trial for 30-days. The Licensing feature needs internet access.

Answer away!

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