Tuesday, October 25, 2016

MsIgnite BRK2077 - Get to know the Skype Operations Framework

(or Success through the Skype Operations Framework - SOF)

Presented by Srini Raghavan and Ali Rohani

What does it take to run high-quality real-time communications service globally?
Of course, a cloud-based communications platform, but much more than so, we need to know how to plan, deliver and operate such a service. When we say "communications" it means more than just instant messaging and presence. It means voice communication and voice conferencing, with users located in different countries or regions of the world.

The difference between a PBX and cloud-based communications system is as vast as comparing a private well to our modern-day water supply system. So, we have an external network and local components (in-house plumbing) and all these components must work well (no pun intended) for our service to work.

SOF is a framework that gives you: Activity Descriptions, Delivery Guidance, Workshops, Questionnaires, Reports, Tools, Scripts, Tests, Checklists, Project Plans and Templates.

There are 3 phases with 4 stages in every phase, and each stage is a defined set of activities that are critical for your success. For each actvity there are assets and/or tools to help you with that specific activity.

Phase (stages)
Plan (Envision, Assess, Desgin, Prepare)
Deliver (Deploy, Enable, Adopt, Enhance)
Operate (Run, Support, Monitor, Report)

For example: A part of the Assess stage is the Network Assessment and here SOF is suggesting / providing the Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool

Wow, this 4G network is not fit for Realtime UC

SOF is mainly designed for Skype for business online but it can also be leveraged for on-prem installations. Activities such as the network assement, the envisioning workshop and others are common no matter if Skype for business online or on-prem is used.

To learn more about SOF visit the Skype Academy found at the Skype Operations Framework website.

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