Saturday, May 16, 2015

Microsoft Ignite 2015 - Sessions, Venue, Expo

Last week I joined some 23,000 IT professionals at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago to attend Microsoft Ignite.


I did not get to catch too many sessions since I was working, but the few I went to were very good. I learnt new things even though not so much is new in Skype for Business, and yes, I only went to Skype for business sessions :-)

Jamie Stark held a good presentation around voice in Skype for business, presented some news like SLA and ran some nice demos. My Norwegian friend Ståle Hansen held a session on Phone Number Management in Skype for business which was so popular it had to be run again, good job dude! Tommy Clarke talked about media and Johan Delimon explained SIP signaling. Just for the record - I gave all you guys the highest score available :-)

There were some 69 sessions around Skype for business in total, counting customer stories and partner sessions. Below is a list of some that I found interesting. The plan for my continued Ignite series is to watch these sessions on demand and give you summaries here on the blog, just keep refreshing this blog for updates.

BRK3110 - Skype for Business Networking
BRK3128 - Ensuring Media Quality in Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business
BRK3138 - Getting to Skype for Business- Everything You Need to Know to Upgrade from Lync
BRK3140 - The Voice of Skype for Business - An Overview
BRK3142 - Planning and Deploying Call via Work for Enterprise PBX Users
BRK3151 - From Voice to Video, All about Interoperability with Skype for Business
BRK3167 - Skype for Business Management Tools for the Customer Lifecycle
BRK3174 - Real-Time Call Quality Metrics via Software Defined Networking (SDN) on Skype for Business
BRK3184 - Common Questions and Concerns about Skype for Business
BRK3198 - Skype for Business - Doing Very Large Online Meetings Very Easily!
BRK3200 - Deployment Strategies and Integration Scenarios with Exchange and Skype for Business
BRK3205 - Deep-Dive into Skype for Business and Microsoft Office Integration
BRK3208 - Mobility Deployment and Security with Skype for Business
BRK3211 - Skype for Business IT Pro Tools and ISV Solutions - Demo fest
BRK4100 - A Technical Deep Dive into Building Web Apps with the Skype Web SDK
BRK4102 - SIP Signaling, Negotiation and Media Flows in Skype for Business
BRK4103 - Meetings and Media - The Detailed View
BRK4107 - Enterprise Voice- An Experts Session
BRK4108 - Skype for Business - Server Vital Signs
BRK4112 - Automate Phone Number Management in Skype for Business
BRK4118 - Skype for Business - Call Quality Management and Operations
BRK4119 - A Technical Deep Dive into Skype for Business Video and Interoperability
BRK4120 - Troubleshooting Skype for Business Scenarios
BRK4122 - Managing Backup and Restore in Skype for Business
BRK4128 - A Deep Dive into Skype for Business Mobility
BRK4129 - Hybrid Configuration Deep Dive of Skype for Business

If you were at Ignite and want to download all the sessions there is a script to Download All Videos and Slides from Ignite 2015. Just be aware - when I downloaded it all I got 164 GB of files on my computer.

Venue / Food

The McCormick Place convention center is huge and confusing, it was hard to find the rooms to the north and south and in other buildings. It is probably a good thing that we are coming back next year, maybe we will find our way around better next time around.

Now where is N227B???

My one and only complaint on Microsoft Ignite was the food. In the Yammer group for Ignite the rating of the food scored between "Not good at all" and "I refuse to eat it". This must be an easy fix for next year and I'm sure Microsoft got this message.

The Expo hall

The Expo hall was of course huge as well. A very nice sized Skype for business booth was surrounded by many Skype for business partners and vendors. I got to meet with Audiocodes, and BTW did you know CloudPro is now an APSS Partner to Audiocodes? Unified Communications had the best Ignite t-shirt this year - "Don't hate - Federate", I just love it!

Look at that mans fine t-shirt!

My friend Matt from Landis Computer had a lot of people at all times in their booth showing their nice AttendantPro application.

I got to meet with Polycom, Jabra, Verba and Plenom, all of them showing interesting solutions for Skype for business. I also said a special hello to the Swedes from Competella, Gridpro, PointSharp and Specops, hope you had good Ignite like me!


My Ignite trip report would not be complete without mentioning the parties. It was great fun to meet with Mr. Ingels from Sweden, with Advania-Robert from Göteborg accompanied by Giso the girlfriend and GKN-Cecilia who performed live on stage at the House of Blues. I also enjoyed the Svenskkväll (Swede-evening) hosted by Microsoft and Specops, thanks! And as always I had lots of fun with CGI-Lena, CGI-Trolle, Cellip-Mårten, Atea-Johan S and Atea-Johan D.

I hope to meet you all again at Ignite 2016 which will be held at the same location in May 9-13, 2016.

 Cecilia was rocking!

Mårten was chilling!

Johan was certified!

Giso the girlfriend met a crazy rabbit!

Hope to see you in Chicago next year!

Looking forward to the next #MSIgnite!

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